Calatrava Stations - Liège

This book is the first of a series of works that Robertina Calatrava is devoting to the work of Santiago Calatrava.

Amply illustrated with drawings, plans, photos, etc., with an explanatory text by Santiago Calatrava himself, plus an introduction and an interview entrusted to Philippe Jodidio, this book also retraces the fifteen years it took for this project to take concrete shape.

Calatrava Stations

Sofia's books - 2011
Bound book, 30x23cm, in full colour on both sides – 192 pages.
Texts in French and in English
This book can be obtained directly from Eurogare headquarters at the price of €21.
Shipping charges:  for Belgium: €6.20; for neighbouring countries:  €16.60 – for the rest of Europe:  €24.